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Monday, July 30, 2007

Looking For A Party Dress.

I saw a lot of beauty things on the website. It become my second hobby to look others site and looking if anything that can make me interesting and sometimes excited. Like now I want make a party dress but I don't have any idea what mode was going on...
Sometimes there are lots of beautiful dress...but it doesn't fit on my body....and after I wear it looks very strange ha..ha..ha..So I search a lot of sites and looking for any idea ...may be I can get a idea after looked it.
I like the simple one and Asian style is good to me...I mean I am not tall like American ...and in my family I am the smallest one ( only 155 cm ) ha..ha..you can imagine if I wear a long dress that can not fit for me... it looks like the long dress can swept the floor.

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