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Friday, July 20, 2007

Healthy Living

Healthy is the most important thing of our life. Some of them choose to be a vegetarian . My mother is a vegetarian. I like vegetarian too.And it effects to keep our fit body.You can try for it ha..ha...

This morning I saw a great healthy site and it suits to every body needs.Because all of our body needs that is ready serve in a box.

This is a delicious blend of whole dried vegetables that we can mix with water and drink, or mix into our favorite dishes to boost our nutritional value. So if I Drink My Daily Veggies , all my body needs is already done in a box. It is very interesting for me and I found there are a lot of great recipe in this site.I will try it and share with all of you.

We can get the same fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients as real fresh (or canned or frozen) vegetables in this box. The only things missing are the salt and sugar so it contains no added salt, no added sugar, no preservatives.

I think it suits for me to be my daily dietary supplement and would be great if sometimes I am busy to buy vegetables in market.I have saw the ingredients , it is really great and we can get a free sample to try.

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