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Monday, July 2, 2007

Ashop Commerce

Knowledge about software always makes me confused. I like computer and searching the internet , but if some one asked me what software I used and how to fix it if there are problem , I always said I don't know,my friend do it for me. ha..ha..ha..Because I ever learn it but it makes me had a headache.
But now I see a shopping cart software website. It totally change my opinion about the software.
Do you know why ? I see this Ashop Commerce very easy to understand and it have demo . You can take a test drive to try the demo store and we can click the features button to view software features.
Ashop Commerce is very simple and it offers a complete solution for all merchants to sell online , so we can easy create our online store. It have ten day free trial and free store design offer .I think I will test the free one and try the demo.

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