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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I have a plan to buy a domain for my site. But I think my new domain will need a good hosting company. Today I found it , this ResellerScene.com Providing Affordable Reseller Hosting and they have 30 days money back guarantee. So it is a great solutions for people who want to host their sites, blogs, forums, or people who want to start their own hosting company.It makes me interested to view more about this site.
This site have a pearl and diamond packages. These two item is really good. The difference are on the amount of disk space and transfer. The pearl one have 5 GB DiskSpace and 30 GB transfer and diamond have 10 GB DiskSpace and 100 GB Transfer.
I think pearl packages is suit for me but if I want to be a pro the diamond gets a lot of used. Both of these packages have free fantastico de luxe , unlimited MySQL databases , unlimited E-Mails and unlimited FTP Accounts plus a free setup.
This site give me a lot of information so I know exactly what I need to use.

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Anonymous said...

do you bought any hosting package from them yet, if yes what's the stat's please tell me i am looking to make a deal with them